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The Trump Administration failed to meet a court order to reunify families they separated at the border by July 26. Many families have not been brought back together. Children are still being kept in cages and abuses continue. The short video below features distraught parents and children at the U.S. border, humanitarian workers describing the conditions they are facing, and also includes moving footage of a mother being reunited with her child.

Sample Letter

I'm [name] from [zipcode]. This summer, the administration tried to use the cruel manufactured crisis of zero-tolerance as leverage to force votes on unrelated immigration law reforms. I now urge you to use your oversight and appropriations authority as leverage to fix the catastrophe it created – including providing far more clarity on its plans for reunifying families, explaining how it will address the trauma that children have suffered under this policy, and clearly spelling out plans for the expansion of humane, lawful, and cost-efficient alternatives to detention in the future.


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Special thanks to the Women's Refugee Commission and Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) for putting together their helpful/clarifying fact sheet on the situation of families being separated at the border vs. recent stories about “missing" children. Thanks to Families Belong Together for their graphic, Indivisible Oregon for their call-script that we have adapted, and the Center for American Progress for their press release from which we have quoted conten, and for talking points. Bill Summary from

Updated: 7/30/2018

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